Photographer. Writer. Director. Producer.

Taking photos isn't a hobby, it's my life.  It's my art.  I grew up in Germany and my mother was a professional photographer, so I guess you can say I've been doing this a long time!  Photography is about "a moment".  A fragment of a story, but in that moment the whole story is revealed, because that moment captures the truth.  I approach every shoot with an open mind, attention to detail and the pursuit of capturing the perfect image.

As well as being a photographer I'm also an acclaimed filmmaker and music video director.  I've directed over a hundred music videos, 7 feature films and have 2 more in development, as well as a tv show.   I find that photography has made me a better filmmaker and being a filmmaker makes me a better photographer.  If you have interest in working with me, please send me an email, and let's create some powerful images!

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