I specialize in creating long form (60+ sec.) motion graphic content primarily for web and event video and I work with a variety of clients in both corporate and commercial markets. I typically work with project durations that span one to six weeks and can accommodate shorter or longer turnarounds depending on schedule and budget. The term “motion design editorial” as a phrase really encapsulates the majority of what I do which is to illustrate and animate complex concepts over time.

My goal with every project is discovering meaning in a company’s brand and then illustrating this meaning to provoke engagement and elicit action. Artistically my goal is to evoke a sincere emotional response from a viewer that creates connection and then use that connection to entertain, educate and inspire.

I believe the motion design industry is a service industry in that I, as one of its craftspersons, get the opportunity to create art for both the world of commerce and the world in general. As such when I agree to execute a project I am fully committed to serving both my clients and the project itself in the hope of bringing something positive to the world.

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